Roosen Mechatronics has already a lot of experience in cleaning essential components for the nuclear, optical and semiconductor industry.

Receiving new requests from the market to intensify these activities we decided to install a clean room at Roosen mechatronics.  In a ISO 6 cleanroom environment we can handle and measure single products up till 4 meter length. Assembly works and packaging is also being done in this area. An additional UV inspection area of 13 M2 at ISO 5 qualification allows us to handle smaller products or assemblies.


At Roosen we will clean your products with a solvent vapor degreaser with PPC-technology. This unique treatment can be compared with CNP technology which is water based however the PPC technology is based on solvent. This unique combination of solvent cleaning with the power of PPC technology realizes thorough cleaning for the most complex products. Not only the outer surface but also blind threated holes will be completely cleaned according to your specifications.

By using a PDL lamp we can detect any invisible contamination. The end result of this fully controlled process will lead to a guaranteed grade 2 cleaning level for your products.

At these high cleanliness requirements we will process the product or assembly in our cleanroom environment. The entire process for your part is stored in our systems and delivery of your part can come with a full documentation set for part submission warranty such as material certificates and result of RGA-measurement.


Your clean room product will be handled and packed with care. In good cooperation with you we can deliver at your place or your product can be stored for call of orders in our storage system. At Roosen we are open to discuss all request with respect of delivery, transportation and storage. If possible we will try to use product specific returnable packaging if standard solutions will not work out. Our goal is to optimize the most efficient milk run together to reduce environmental impact and costs.