Within our organisation we have both robot welding as well as manual welding in place. Having 6 welding robots and approximately 40 certified welders enables us to carry out almost any welding construction. We are specialised in steel welding, aluminum welding and stainless steel welding.

The welding robots are placed on a track and can therefore fully automatically weld within a product range of 5.8 metres. For larger welding constructions we need to switch to manual welding. A separate welding department is installed on the first floor to weld both stainless steel and aluminum. Within certain industries for which we work, it is essential to have stainless steel 100% separated from normal steel to prevent contamination of the product.

If your weld assembly needs any after-treatment, we will work with one of our external partners to realise this for you. We will produce your product according to its full specification and will act as your corporate supplier to finish the whole job.

Serial production

NPI (New Product Introduction) is a special procedure within Roosen since every product starts with a prototype or pre-series. In the next step we will focus on an optimised serie production for products with a repeatable character. Lot sizes vary from 10 pieces to thousand(s) products per month. The repeatable character is essential to create a continuous flow on our shop floor and to ensure short and reliable processing times for your products.