At Roosen Industries, we assemble your end product or sub-assembly using various disciplines. This can be by means of mechanical assembly and/or electrical assembly, whereby pneumatic assembly is also possible. After assembly, there is extensive functional testing, packaging and, if desired, a drop shipment to your end customer.

The work is carried out in a clean conditioned environment where ergonomics are paramount. Cleanroom assembly and cleaning are also possible. With height-adjustable workbenches and carefully selected lifting equipment, an optimum working environment has been set up.

Before assembly begins, the parts are supplied from our closed warehouse in the correct quantity and quality. For example, your composite product is “built to spec”, “just in time” and assembled according to the agreed quality standard by our specialists and then delivered to you.

Core competences

Mechanical connection, pressing, gluing & soldering.

cabling, connecting, adjustment, soldering & testing.

Fitting, connecting, sealing & testing.

Serial production

NPI (New Product Introduction) is a special procedure within Roosen since every product starts with a prototype or pre-series. In the next step we will focus on an optimised serie production for products with a repeatable character. Lot sizes vary from 10 pieces to thousand(s) products per month. The repeatable character is essential to create a continuous flow on our shop floor and to ensure short and reliable processing times for your products.

Cleaning and packaging

Interested in clean room assembly works and additional packaging for your products ? For this activity you can contact Roosen Industries.