Laser cutting

We have 2 CNC-laser cutting machines with automatic feeding stations and are specialised in steel, aluminum and stainless steel cutting.

Our engineers and operators would like to discuss with you about cutting a specific material thickness. With the automatic loading en unloading devices we are able to work in multiple shifts with a 24/7 unmanned production in place to act on a short term about specific production needs.

Once a specific surface treatment is needed, we can arrange this for you as well and we will contact one of our external partners. Your one-stop-shop to process your product according to the full product specification.

Serial production

NPI (New Product Introduction) is a special procedure within Roosen since every product starts with a prototype or pre-series. In the next step we will focus on an optimised serie production for products with a repeatable character. Lot sizes vary from 10 pieces to thousand(s) products per month. The repeatable character is essential to create a continuous flow on our shop floor and to ensure short and reliable processing times for your products.