About us

Since 1972 Roosen Industries is your corporate supplier for your high quality products and assembled parts . Machining, sheet metal works and mechatronics are our core competences .

All core competencies are housed in Europe and around Brainport Eindhoven, the technology region of Europe. We have also set up our own production facility in India to expand mainly our machining activities. This is how we combine automated working in Europe with the low cost structure in Asia.

We always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations. Whether it concerns the supply of individual components or the supply of a complete product. We will arrange it for you.



In 1972 founder Harry Roosen started the company and started to machine items (turning & milling) in his home town Hoogeloon. Four years later in 1976 their was a lack of space in his garage and a new and second location in Arendonk Belgium was equipped to do welding activities for horse stables. Doing a good job in the horse stable construction works, RFQ’s for new business popped up. For this new business development Harry founded a new company Roosen Fijnconstructie BVBA in the year 2000 (nowadays our legal entity Roosen Laser & Welding NV). One year later another company “Roosen Mechatronica BV” was founded with it’s focus on doing assembly works as well.

The company kept on growing and Mr. Gandert Roosen, our current CEO and second generation, started being involved in his fathers business. On his fathers request Gandert started in the assembly shop as a trainee which is still very helpful for him in todays management role. Having an economic background together with practical experience, built a strategic plan for future growth. A very important chapter in this strategic plan was to start a new production facility in India. Some crucial aspect to decide for India were on the one side the well educated population, and on the other side, almost everyone India can speak and understand the english language.

The last company founded by Harry Roosen in 2012, before handing over the CEO tasks to Gandert, was Roosen Laser BVBA. (Nowadays this company is merged with  Roosen Fijnconstructie and renamed to Roosen Laser & Welding NV). From this moment, Roosen Industries has all core competences onboard being a one-stop-shop for our OEM customers.

After 2012, in addition to organic growth, we opted for growth through company acquisitions. Over the years, De Roo Metaal, Smits Machinefabriek and FBFC small components have been added to the group. These companies are directly linked to our core competencies.

In addition to the companies where we act as a corporate supplier, 2 additional companies were also acquired. These are Roosen BPL and AST suspension. These companies develop and produce their own products which are sold under their own brand name. Roosen BPL develops and sells handling systems for a wide variety of industries and AST suspension develops and sells suspension for various industries such as the automotive sector.

All these developments together bring our company to where we are today and where we are proud of.