CNC Milling

At Roosen Industries we are not only able to machine metal, but many plastics can also be processed with our CNC machines. We process materials from bar stock or from raw castings. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass are common materials, but titanium machining, for example, is also possible.

We have housed our milling activities at 2 production locations, one factory in Europe and one factory in Asia. At our production location in the Netherlands, we can mill up to 5-axis with automatic loading. In India we produce with comparable machinery, but because of the local cost price structure we can market your product price even more attractively. Both locations are equipped with 3D measuring machines that are set up in an air-conditioned measuring room. This fully monitors the quality level of your product.

If any surface treatment is required for your milled parts, we have various external partners to realize this for you. We are happy to take over the entire supply chain responsibility from you.

Robotised CNC milling in Europe

In Europe we are fully focused on automating our production processes. Our milling machines with up to 5 axes are (where possible) equipped with cobots: robots or other automatic loading and unloading devices for your products. To ensure 24/7 unmanned production we are training our operators on a regular basis to maintain a high level of product quality for our customers.

CNC milling Asia

Roosen started in 2006 with it’s own machining factory in India having similar machines installed as we have in our Dutch factory. A well educated population and masters in the English language, combined with a low cost structure were key figures for the strategic decision to start in India.

We are located in Kanpur, where the local universities provide us with the necessary support and provide sufficient staff to continue with a 3 shifts production. In 2023 we had the grand opening of our new Indian factory which is completely built according to European standards. A fully air-conditioned building and of course an air-conditioned measuring room including 3D measuring equipment.

Is production in India right for your business as well? We are pleased to guide and advise you what to do. One of the essential requirements is to receive your forecast on your products. Starting up a first production batch takes a longer lead time, but based on your forecast we can then guarantee your supply chain with monthly deliveries. (Vigil-Whistle Blower Mechanism).

Whichever Roosen company you work with, the communication for you as a customer, also for India production, always goes through 1 and the same Dutch Roosen account manager.

Serial production

NPI (New Product Introduction) is a special procedure within Roosen since every product starts with a prototype or pre-series. In the next step we will focus on an optimised serie production for products with a repeatable character. Lot sizes vary from 10 pieces to thousand(s) products per month. The repeatable character is essential to create a continuous flow on our shop floor and to ensure short and reliable processing times for your products.

Cleaning and packaging

Interested in cleaning and packaging your machined products in our clean room -/cleaning equipment? Also for this activity you can contact Roosen Industries.