Welding, laser cutting & bending

Roosen Industries is your one-stop-shop supplier for sheet metal works and welding assemblies.


Roosen Industries, your machining partner!


Roosen Industries is your supplier for your assemblies (from design til assembled products).

Specialised in metal works

We, Roosen Industries, are well equipped in producing your metal based components or assembled products. Well trained operators working with CNC-production machines can make every metal part or assembly you want.

Whether it is machining work, sheet metal work, welded construction or complete assemblies, our specialist would like to be challenged by you to discuss the most efficient way of production.

Figures we are proud of


Years acting as a co-supplier producing high-tech metal parts and assembled products.


Employees working at 4 production locations across Europe and Asia.


Euro turnover per year.

Exceeding expectations in metal solutions

Our slogan: ‘exceeding expectations in metal solutions.’ The whole Roosen team is working hard every day to achieve this for you. That’s our goal. Having automation in our European plants and combining this with a low cost structure at our plant in India, we are both fast and flexible as well as capable of offering you a very attractive price level for your products.

Our quality departments have air-conditioned measuring rooms equipped with 3D-measurement equipment. This allows us to always guarantee the desired quality level for your final product. It goes without saying that all our production facilities are ISO9001 en ISO14001 certified and we attach great importance to a healthy working environment for all our employees in both Europe and India (Vigil-Whistle Blower Mechanism).

Total unburdening in the production process

Chemical surface treatment is a specialised job for which we are in close contact with many partners. Whatever it should be according to your product specification such as anodising, zinc plating, nickel plating, chromotising or galvanising, we will arrange and finalise also this final process step for you.

We are in close contact with different hardening companies to perform this treatment. If you need this final treatment for your products, we as Roosen, would like to arrange this for you in order to fulfill the complete product specification.

KTL, powder coating and wet paint are final surface treatments which are required on a regular base to protect your product against rust (corrosion) or just as a visible aspect. Also this final process step can be carried out by us.