Laser cutting, setting/bending, robotic and manual welding, punch nibbling

Separate stainless steel, aluminium welding shop

Total process, all the way to surface treatment

Certified welders with extensive experience and knowledge

Sheet metalworking covers the entire range of operations performed by Roosen Laser NV and Roosen Fijnconstructie NV, from laser cutting to welding and surface treatment. Roosen Laser focuses on laser cutting, punch nibbling as well as setting and bending operations, whereas Roosen Fijnconstructie specialises in automated welding and tube operations, all the way through surface treatment.

Robotic welding and manual welding
Skilled and certified welders with years of experience provide small-scale and specialist batch welding. Additionally, Roosen Fijnconstructie features a versatile machine park with various welding robots, including those on tracks and those with CNC manipulators.

Small to large batches
When it comes to manufacturing medium-sized to large batches, automation is key. Conversely, prototypes and smaller batches are left to the experience of our professionals. This ensures the quality and guarantee of delivery at a competitive market price for every application.

Production engineering
Do you need advice or does your sheet metal package need improving? Our engineering department will be happy to discuss the options for improvement with you, as well as the application of "smart production-focused adjustments". This further reduces the margin for error, and makes the total price even more appealing.

ISO 9001-2008
A certified ISO 9001-2008 management system guarantees quality.
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Sheet metalworking
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Roosen Subcontracting combines complex (automated) production in Europe, with the production of high-precision
components in India.
Roosen Subcontracting can provide assistance in various areas, from engineering to batch production with a wide range of metalworking applications, such as: Mechatronics assembly, CNC turning and milling, laser cutting of sheets and tubes, CNC milling / bending, (Robotic) welding of steel, aluminium and stainless steel, machine building and engineering.
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