Roosen BPL develops and manufactures for than 25 years high quality handling systems, from simple to special. Our specialty: the development a solution, tailored fully on the product and the working environment.
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Industrial handling systems for products from 25 up to 1.200 kg

Appropriate systems for small or tight spaces

Systems for large workarea or with large radius range (up to 6 meters)

Customer specific lifting and tilting aids
Lifting and tilting aids, with many proven standards tailored to customer wishes and requirements. Your workplace and handling process are inventoried extensively. The result: ergonomic and costs saving work.

Fully realized within the group
The production of the handling systems is realized entirely within the Roosen Industries group, which guarantees a high quality. Customer-specific and therefore perfectly suited for your situation.

BPL Handling
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Roosen Subcontracting combines complex (automated) production in Europe, with the production of high-precision
components in India.
Roosen Subcontracting can provide assistance in various areas, from engineering to batch production with a wide range of metalworking applications, such as: Mechatronics assembly, CNC turning and milling, laser cutting of sheets and tubes, CNC milling / bending, (Robotic) welding of steel, aluminium and stainless steel, machine building and engineering.
Your partner in industrial handling
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BPL Handling
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